“You are me” by H. Yurkovsky

Director - Stagemaster - M.Tashpenov
Artist - Sh.Elembaev
Choreographer - Yu.Amirova
Assistant Director - N. Akhmetov
Assistant Director -A.Kanaeva

In different countries of the world there are wandering actors who do not imagine a better fate than playing fairy tales for children. Such an actor appears in our performance. His dolls are the simplest - ordinary doll gloves. They themselves can not do anything, but when they put on the hand, they come to life and begin to play the fool and even quarrel! Why can dolls quarrel? And at least due to the fact that one of them is striped and the other is speckled. They even declared war on each other! And it is unknown how long the hostilities would continue, if not the wise Puppeteer ...
The main idea of ​​the performance is that we are all alike - both big and small people. And the fact that if you hurt another, then first of all it will hurt you yourself.