The musical “The Lion King”

Directed by: A. Salaeva
Production Designer: N. D. Klimenko, L. B. Kozhakova
Ballet Master: Yu.V. Amirova
Choirmaster: S.S.Bekmaganbetova
Assistant Director - D. Muslimov
Assistant Director - A. Kanaeva

The majestic LION KING has got the son, his name is Simba. Already in childhood, the inquisitive baby becomes a victim of the intrigues of his envious uncle Scar, who dreams of power.
Simba learns the grief of loss, betrayal and exile, but eventually finds true friends and finds his beloved. Tempered by trials, in a difficult struggle he wins his rightful place in the "Circle of Life", realizing what it means to be a real King ...
The work of the puppet collector at reviving wonderful characters makes it possible to plunge completely into the fairy-tale world of animals, and the plot only pushes to this, fascinating every minute with its intricate line.