The History of the State Nur-Sultan «Puppet Theatre»


The Nur-Sultan Puppet Theatre was established in 29 of December 2010 by Nur-Sultan Akimat. This event became one of the most amazing appearances in culture life of our capital.
Nowadays the director of the Puppet Theatre is Khasangaliyeva Togshan Skendirovna:  the candidate of the philosophy and culture sciences, the holder of “Kurmet” and “25 years of Kazakhstan Republic Independence” orders. The artistic director of the theatre is the honored artist of Kazakhstan Republic and the holder such orders like: “Unite nations”, “Badge of Honoured”, “The contribution of the culture’s development”, “The veteran of the work” and the anniversary medal of “25 years of Kazakhstan Republic Independence” – Yeshmuratova Kuralai Khaleketovna.
And also a production director of theater is the nominee "For Best Actress" (2011) with an anniversary medal  “25 years of Kazakhstan Republic Independence" -  Salayeva Ayzhan Karibayevna.
The real talented on-stage performance group of "Puppet theater" of akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan for short term could achieve considerable results. "Puppet theater" was awarded the following awards and caused a stir in the following achievements:
• On April 11-18, 2012 in ІІІ the International festival of puppet theaters "Chodari Khael " which took place in the city of Dushanbe of the Republic of Tajikistan the performance of the director and author of the work A. Salayeva "It was shown I drew" and was awarded with the special diploma.
• On November 25-29, 2013 on ІІІ the International festival of puppet theaters of Orteke of the city of Nur-Sultan the work I. Michchi, J. Roberts, L. Vulvertona "The Lion King" (director A. Salayeva) was presented which received the awards as "The best performance" and "The best actor's work".
• On October 1-6, 2013 at the International festival of puppet theaters "Assalaumahaleykum – III" which passed theater in the city of Aktobe, performed with statement "The old man of the Steppe" (the Kazakh national fairy tale, the director A. Salayeva)  
• On October 1-6, 2014 the theater participated in a festival of puppet theaters among the CIS countries under the name "Caspian Soul" which took place in Russia in the city of Astrakhan, the on-stage performance group put the performance "I Drew It" (the author and the director A. Salayeva) and was awarded the nominations "Dostik".
• On October 15-21, 2014 the theater participated in the XVII Istanbul festival of theaters in which once again showed their  powerful creative potentials.
• In 2014 for strengthening of friendly relations and exchange of experience, for the first time in the republic signed the contract with the Italian theater "Marionetka", the Istanbul theater "Karagoz".
• In 2015 from June 29 to July 2 it was held - І the International festival of puppet theaters of "Kuralay" of a name Kuralay Eshmuratova in honor of the 70 anniversary since birth and the 50th anniversary of tvorcheksky activity of Eshmuratova Kuralay Haleketovna. It became special news in the history of "The Kazakh state puppet theater". These days the memorandum of Association of puppet theaters of "EURASIA PUPPET" where Kazakhstan, Peru, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Italy enters was accepted.