«Oh, Toba!» E. Zhuasbekov

Directed by: K. Eshmuratova
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Artistic Director - A.Syrbaeva
Ballet Master - Yu.Amirova
Assistant Director – D.Muslimov
Assistant Director – D.Utiv

E.Juasbekov, the author of numerous plays on contemporary themes, first appeals to a children's audience. The play addresses the actual topic of raising children in the age of computerization.

A child loaded with studies, all sorts of circles, sports, music, computer games, all day is painted. The child dreams of freedom, envies birds, fish, even dogs, which he considers free and can distribute his day at his own discretion. But his grandfather and grandmother are trying to improve the grandson and explain that everything must be treated with patience, prudence and understanding. But the words remain words, until the baby in a dream turns into a swan, a fish, a dog, and extraordinary events occur with him