“Mangilik bala beine” R. Mukanova

Directed by: K. Eshmuratova
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Production artists: Sh. Yelembaev, N. Klimenko, L. Kozhakova
Assistant Director: D. Beysenbayev, RK Madeniet Kairatkeri
Assistant Director: A.Kanaeva

The play "MANGILIK BALA BEINE" was written by the famous playwright of Kazakhstan R.K. Mukanova, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, the author of such plays as “Muse”, “Mysyutar Patshalyky”, “Sarra”, “Shatyr Astyndyky Men”, which were staged in all the dramatic theaters of the republic and had a tremendous success.
The performance of the "MANGILIK BALA BEINE" was dedicated to the children of the Semipalatinsk test site. Thousands of children and teenagers, who were not destined to become adults, remained under a pile of gray ashes as a result of nuclear explosions, scheduled to occur in the Semipalatinsk region from 1949 to 1989. This performance is addressed to older children and an adult viewer.
After the nuclear explosion, a girl named Laila was born, unlike other children. For its dissimilarity, everyone rejected it, both relatives, and children, and even the beloved. At twenty, she looked like a seven-year-old child. Lyaila, incomprehensible and unaccepted in her society, refers to the Moon, which she associates with her dead mother. The tragedy of Semipalatinsk is a tragedy not only of the Kazakh people but of the whole world, clearly expressed in the fate of this little girl - Laili.