«ER TӨSTIK» K.Chembek

Director - K. Eshmuratova
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Artists - Sh.Elembaeva, N. Klimenko
Choreographer - Yu.Amirova
Assistant Director - D. Beissenbayev, Honored Culture Worker
Assistant Director - A.Kanaeva

This performance is based on the famous heroic tale of the Kazakh people.
"Yer Tastik".
The performance vividly reflects the Kazakh traditions, custom, attitudes towards parents, towards the older generation. The red line emphasizes the heroism of the batyrs, their love for their land, for their homeland. The courage, decisiveness, honesty of the characters encourages young viewers to imitate their favorite characters.
There are many Kazakh proverbs, sayings, national music in the performance, which is important for the education of children in spirituality and knowledge.